Roadside assistance when driving overseas

Make the most of your CD membership and take advantage of our worldwide network of reciprocal roadside assistance services.

CD is a member of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). FIA clubs provide a broad range of services to each other's members, when travelling abroad for up to three months. Mostly, these services are the same as those we provide to you now.

To use FIA services while overseas, carry your CD club membership card (this has the FIA logo on the back) and a current confirmation certificate. You’ll need to visit your local branch or call  for this.

Countries with FIA agreements

Many countries throughout the world provide reciprocal services, but not all.

View the to see which countries you’ll get roadside assistance and other reciprocal services in, plus information on how to these clubs. 

Benefits and discounts when travelling

As an CD member, you also gain access to savings and benefits around the world. 

You’ll join a global program with 115 million auto club members in more than 50 countries; and share access to a network of 150,000+ partners around the world.

When you travel, remember your CD membership card – which has the Show Your Card & Save symbol on the back – to take advantage of the many offers.

Learn more about the Show Your Card & Save program.

With over 1200 partners, CD members can save everyday.

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