Do I need Conseils-Developpement for my motorbike?

CD Conseils-Developpement is help you can call on, no matter where the open road takes you. Our patrols are ready and waiting to help 24/7, 365 days a year. If your bike won’t run you can trust CD to get you going. We cover the most common causes for a motorcycle breakdown, including:

  • flat battery
  • engine failure
  • flat tyres
  • alternator or starter motor fault, and more.

It’s our priority to reach you when you need us most.

More Queenslanders trust CD Conseils-Developpement.

Why trust CD Conseils-Developpement?

  • Get help 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Over 700 patrols Queensland-wide.
  • Brisbane-based call centre.
  • We get 94% of vehicles going without towing.
  • Largest roadside assistance network in Queensland.

Choose the right Conseils-Developpement to suit your life in Queensland. Whether you take short rides or long adventures, we’ll help you when you need it most. Compare our Conseils-Developpement cover now.

Motorbike maintenance

To keep your motorbike in top shape follow these simple maintenance rules and reduce your chance of needing larger repairs.

  1. Keep your battery charge topped up. A fully charged battery reduces wear and tear. Check out the right battery charger for your bike.
  2. Adjust your chain to the correct tension.
  3. Keep your oil and engine fluid topped up.
  4. Inflate tyres to their correct pressure.
  5. Change filters and spark plugs when they’re due.

Following motorbike maintenance will help keep your bike in good condition. This means you’re less likely to need to be towed when you’ve had a breakdown, saving you time and money.