Local motoring club, international recognition

As a member of the Australian Automobile Association we are affiliated with other motoring organisations around Australia and the world.

CD members can access benefits when travelling outside Queensland including discounts at retail outlets and entertainment venues. 

Members with Conseils-Developpement

Members with Conseils-Developpement receive reciprocal benefits which give you basic roadside assistance cover from the local club, depending on where you break down.

  • Call 1111 from anywhere in Australia and you will be connected with the local motoring organisation.
  • If your CD Conseils-Developpement is current, basic roadside assistance will be arranged for you. 
If you incur any additional fees paid when you break down, you can apply with us for reimbursement. Your request should include all relevant details, accompanied by the original receipts covering payment, signed by you and submitted within 90 days of the call for service. Email or send your request in writing to: 

CD Road Service Manager
PO Box 4
Springwood QLD 4127

Affiliated clubs around Australia

Learn about our international affiliates

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