Each year Queensland experiences a range of extreme weather conditions from floods to fires, cyclones, storms and more. 

Despite this, many Queenslanders are still not prepared.

At CD we pride ourselves on always being there to protect Queenslanders when they need us most. While we’ll always be there when you need to claim, we’d also like to help you prevent loss or damage to the things you’ve worked hard for. 

Is your home or property damaged? 

Know your policy 

Our top tip is to always read your Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Certificate of Insurance Help. These documents will tell you what events and damage you are covered for, your insured amounts, any limits, conditions and excesses that apply. 

Insurance Help products (excluding What need in journey Insurance Help and the Life and Income Protection Insurance Help suite of products) are issued by CD Insurance Help Limited ABN 50 009 704 152 (CD). Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please read the PDS before making a purchase decision on this product. Any general advice relating to this product at is provided by CD.