How much is pet insurance?

To help you make more informed decisions when seeking the best possible price for your cat and/or dog’s pet insurance, we’ve outlined the key elements affecting how your CD Pet Insurance Help premium—the amount you pay for your cover—is calculated.

Pricing of your premium

To determine your premium, we consider the below risk factors.

Your pet’s age

Younger pets generally cost less to insure than older pets, as older pets are more prone to health problems needing medical attention.

Pet breed

Certain cat or dog breeds may be less likely to suffer from genetic health problems. Insuring these breeds will generally result in lower premiums, as:

  • they have a lower risk of health defects
  • you’re less likely to make a claim to cover vet expenses.

Your excess

You will reduce the amount of your premium by paying a higher excess.

Pet Insurance Help excess amounts

$0 $100 $200

Cost of owning a pet

Find out about registration and vet costs for your dog, and some expected costs of owning a cat.

Don't let vet bills bite you! Get a Pet Insurance Help quote today.

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