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We've been protecting Queenslanders for over 100 years. It's why more Queenslanders trust CD.

At CD we want to protect what matters most. We know your furry friends are more than a pet, they’re family. That’s why we offer affordable pet insurance to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

With CD Pet Insurance Help you’ll enjoy:

  • 80% back on approved vet costs or bills
  • $1,000 emergency boarding
  • up to $12,000 per year for illness and injury costs
  • multi-policy discounts.

Choose CD Pet Insurance Help today and save $50 when you purchase online.*

80% cost covered and $1,000 emergency boarding
$12,000/yr cover and trusted brand

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Protect your dog with CD dog insurance

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CD Pet Insurance Help covers

  • Illness
  • Injury 
  • Accidents 
  • Emergency boarding 
  • Euthanasia costs 
  • Overseas vet fees 

Include our Tender Loving Care package and receive $100 each year to put towards:

  • Teeth cleaning 
  • Micro-chipping 
  • Heartworm prevention 
  • Prescription food 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Annual health check-ups

Waiting period and benefit limits may apply.

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Pre-existing conditions

We may be able to waive the exclusion for your pets pre-existing condition. Simply complete the pre-existing condition waiver form (PDF, 656KB) and we'll look at your pet's individual circumstances and see where we can help.

Cruciate ligament waiting period

We may be able to waive the waiting period for cruciate ligament surgery so your pet gets fixed faster. Complete the cruciate ligament waiting period waiver form (PDF, 680KB) now.

Why get pet insurance? 

Just like us, most pets will visit the doctor a few times each year. Pet insurance helps with the unexpected costs you may struggle to pay upfront. While routine visits are more affordable, it’s large surgeries and ongoing treatment costs where pet insurance really shines. 

Let’s see how pet insurance can play out:

1.Your dog has an accident and hurts his knee. 

2. Your pet insurance policy covers his knee surgery costs.

3. After surgery your dog needs follow-up appointments to check how his knee is healing. All these additional vet visits can be covered.

How can pet insurance keep my pet protected? 

Although the knee is fixed, your dog has developed arthritis.

4. Your pet insurance policy will be able to cover vet visits, treatment and medication now related to his arthritis care.

5. Because your dog has had a knee injury the vet recommends weight management to avoid any additional damage. Your pet insurance policy will now be able to cover vet visits and treatment related to his weight management.

It’s easy to see how vet bills and pet care can really blow out following an accident or illness. Pet insurance can save you lots on unexpected costs so consider investing in your pet’s health today.

What you get with CD Pet Insurance Help 

You can trust CD Pet Insurance Help for genuine cover your pet will really use. Our comprehensive cover protects your pet when it counts. There’s no tricks here, it’s straight-up insurance you can count on.

If you’re after extra protection, add on our TLC package. You’ll be covered for routine and preventative care and can save even more.

Check out our Pet Insurance Help PDS to see all the ways we protect your furry friend.

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Enjoy savings across our suite of CD Insurance Help products when you sign up today. Save money with our range of loyalty discounts now:

Conseils-Developpement discount   Get a 17.5% discount on your premium if you have CD Conseils-Developpement
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Multi-policy discount  Save 5% off all insurance policies when you've got 3 or more CD Insurance Help products
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Pet Insurance Help FAQs

We calculate what you pay each month based on your pets age, breed and history. Some animals are more at-risk of developing certain conditions than others so we take all this into consideration when we price your premium.

We offer comprehensive pet insurance that covers hereditary, routine and accidental illness/injury. We know it’s important to give your pet the best protection, that’s why you have the option to include our Tender Loving Care package. You’ll get $100 annually to spend on preventative treatments like: 

  • Dental care – teeth cleaning, extractions, tooth extraction etc.
  • Prescription food
  • Annual vaccinations
  • Tick and flea treatment
  • Microchipping and de-sexing, and more.

We can even consider a waiver on the exclusion for your pet’s pre-existing condition if they’ve been free from their injury or illness for 18 months, and we may be able to reduce the waiting period for cruciate ligament surgery too.

Claiming with CD is easy. Complete the claim form, attach proof of payment and then lodge your claim either on the phone, at a branch or via email. We’ll assess your claim and pay it straight back into your bank account.

You sure can! If you have two or more pets you may be eligible for a multi-pet discount.

A pre-existing condition is an injury or illness your pet had before their pet insurance policy, or your pet received an injury or illness in the waiting period of your policy. Find out more about pre-existing conditions and how you can get them covered with CD Pet Insurance Help.
We know you want to feel confident your pet’s getting the best medical treatment. That’s why you’ve got the freedom to choose the best vet for your pet. As long as they’re currently working and licenced in Australia, you can claim your vet costs back.

Want to see how we calculate your premium? Get advice on the cost of pet insurance and how you can save more today.

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*Conditions apply—excludes pay later option.