Our specifically designed policy protects body corporate groups managing domestic home units in Queensland. With our Body Corporate Insurance Help, you can be sure you are covered.

With Body Corporate Insurance Help you also become an CD business member giving you access to a wide range of benefits.

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Business member benefits included with this product
Insured events  We cover your for events such as weather events (including flood), fire, theft and malicious damage. 
Legal liability We pay up to $20 million in legal liability if an accident occurs at the insured address.
Building fees and costs We pay up to 10% of the sum insured to cover the fees and costs to rebuild, repair or replace the building after an event.
Contents in open air We cover common contents in the open air at the property address up to the sum insured ( carports or verandas).
Emergency repairs We pay up to $1500 for emergency repairs to avoid further damage after an incident.
Fidelity guarantee We cover you against the fraudulent use of body corporate funds by office bearers, a body corporate manager or service contractor.
Loss of rent We cover you for the incurred net loss of rent if the insured building or any lot within it that is occupied at the time, becomes unfit to live in due to loss or damage. This benefit pays either the period of time it is unliveable or 12 months – whichever is less. 
Removal of fallen trees We pay up to $500 for you to remove and dispose any trees (stumps excluded) that fall and cause damage to your building or common contents.
Temporary accommodation We will arrange appropriate alternative accommodation for your tenants for a maximum period of 12 months, if your building or any lot within it becomes unfit to live in as a direct result of loss or damage.

The benefits listed are a summary only and limits apply. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statements for full details, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Choose from optional extras

For an additional cost, you can add these optional benefits to your
Office bearer's legal liability  We cover the cost of paying a third party’s damages, costs and expenses in the event that a wrongful act is committed by an office bearer of the body corporate. The cover includes your office bearers against their liability, you against your liability, and estates, heirs, legal representatives or assignees of deceased, incompetent or insolvent office bearers. 
Voluntary worker's insurance We will insure volunteers on your property against bodily injury, death or disability.

The benefits listed are a summary only and limits apply. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statements for full details, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

CD offers choice, flexibility and value for money

Due to the nature of Body Corporate Insurance Help we don't offer individual discounts on this policy. However our friendly staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with a quote to suit your needs. Call us today on .
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