How to make a claim

At CD it’s easy to claim on your pet insurance policy. With your choice of clinic and our straightforward claims process, we make covering your vet bills easier. Call us and we will lodge your claim over the phone. Choose CD Pet Insurance Help to cover your furry friend.

Step 1

Check your pet insurance policy

Check out your Certificate of Insurance Help to see what you're entitled to claim. 

Need more help? Our Pet Insurance Help Product Disclosure Statement’s (PDS) are up online for you to read whenever you need.

If you have pet cover in your household cover, please refer to the Household Insurance Help Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Step 2

What you'll need

To help us process your Pet Insurance Help claim as quick as we can, it’ll help if you have the following handy when you call us;

  • your CD policy number
  • the date and details of the treatment being claimed
  • full veterinary history for your pet (if this is their first injury or illness claim with CD with the exception to Tender Loving Care (TLC) claim)
  • your veterinarians’ clinical notes for the treatment being claimed
  • your paid invoices
Step 3

Lodge your claim

We’ve got 2 easy ways you can lodge your CD Pet Insurance Help claim;


Call us on 7202 to lodge your claim over the phone. 

We’ll provide you with your claim number and advise what documents you may need to send in. This is usually the quickest way to lodge your claim. 


Visit your local CD branch. Our branch staff may be able to transfer your call to our pet claims team to obtain the details of your claim.

Remember to take in your pet’s vet history (if it’s your first claim), clinical notes and paid invoices.

Alternatively, you may fill in a claim form and submit this to us. Please note that this may take a couple of days and our pet claims team will give you a call to confirm some of the details on the form to process your claim.