Make a claim with CD

For life threatening emergencies call 000 or if you require urgent assistance due to a flood or storm, call the SES on 2 500 first.

Step 1

Check your insurance policy

Read your Certificate of Insurance Help and the associated Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see what you're entitled to claim.
Step 2

Collect the required information

  • Your CD policy number
  • The date and details of the incident
  • A Police Report Number (if applicable)
  • Details of any damaged property or items that have been lost or stolen
  • Proof of ownership of any damaged or stolen property (e.g. receipts, invoices or photographs)
  • A damage report and quote for repairs of the damage
  • Samples of damaged items such as carpet, blinds or rugs (only if it is safe to do so)
  • Contact details of any witnesses or other people involved
  • Your paid invoices
  • Any repair or replacement quotes for your damaged property
  • If you have damaged contents creating a health hazard, please take photos and keep a small sample of any damaged carpet
Step 3

Contact us with your documentation

Step 4

Let us guide you through the process

  • If an assessment  is required:
    • Our team will arrange for an assessor and/or building consultant to visit your home and asses your loss.  Once your loss has been assessed and your claim accepted we may authorise repairs to be completed and/or authorise the replacement of your items through our preferred suppliers (this may be in the form of a gift card).  If you have your own quote please advise CD at the time of lodgement
  • If you have been affected by a storm or flood:
  • If something is causing or threatening to damage your home and is urgent, please all the SES on 2 500, otherwise call CD Home Assistance who may be able to assist you for common home incidents.