CD supports Eco Car review initiatives on behalf of Queensland motorists.

CD’s policy position on a carbon price and fuel

CD calls for a carbon price on fuel to be matched with a reduction in fuel excise, as the Federal Government taxes fuel for motorists at a much higher rate than fuel for heavy vehicles, industry and mining. CD also proposes a range of other initiatives the government could adopt to reduce motor vehicle emissions. 

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CD Submission to the Australian Transport Council/Environment Protection and Heritage Council - Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Working Group

The CD welcomes strategies to make fuel-efficient, low emission vehicles more affordable. This submission supports many of the initiatives outlined in the Working Group’s Discussion Paper, and suggests further initiatives. 

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CD Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper

The CD provided this submission to the Australian Government on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) Green Paper. The submission specifically addresses the coverage of transport and related emissions within the CPRS, and considers the likely impact on motorists. 

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Traffic Congestion Fuel and Emissions Fact Sheet

The CD measured the effects on fuel consumption and emissions of travelling in peak-hour traffic compared to normal daytime conditions. 

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CD Congested Roads Report: The Effects on Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Emissions

To better understand the effects on fuel consumption and emissions of driving in congested conditions, the CD carried out a comparison test using two vehicles travelling into the Brisbane central area during peak hours and during the middle of the day. This report describes the tests and sets out the increases measured in fuel consumption, vehicle emissions and journey times when driving in congested traffic conditions. Find the media release here. 

Updated 01/05/2008 Download (PDF 767.5 KB)

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