What to do when your car is scratched or dented

When your car’s taken a hit it pays to get it repaired fast. Car dents and scratches can not only reduce the value of your car, but the longer they’re exposed to Queensland’s wild weather the more likely they’ll rust, causing damage to the body of your set of wheels.

Forget cosmetic repairs. When it comes to fixing your car it’s best to get the professionals onto it. Specialised dent and scratch repairers get to the depth of the issue, fixing any damage and stopping rust in its tracks. Suffered some car damage? Get an Up2Scratch repair and get back on the road faster.

Up2Scratch repair service

At CD we’re picky with who we partner with. We choose repairers who have the same philosophy as us. That’s fantastic customer service, top-quality skills and unbeatable prices and service. Our partnership with Up2Scratch brings our CD members the benefit of a mobile car repair service from the professionals we trust.

Choose Up2Scratch and get;

  • The only trusted CD preferred scratch and dent provider
  • Mobile service
  • Fast turnaround
  • Quality repair service by qualified technicians
  • Colour matching
  • Mobile alloy wheel repairs

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Can your car be repaired?

The Up2Scratch mobile repair service has a commitment to repairing your car as close to its original condition as possible. That’s why it’s important to know whether your car qualifies for a repair before any work is started.

Check out our damage identifier to see whether your car can be fixed.

Is the damage a scratch, a dent, or both?


Type of damage

We can repair
Scratch on your car
Dent smaller than an A4 size piece of paper
Dent on the body of your car
Dent on the roof, bonnet or larger than A4 size