How long does a car battery last?

Even with the best care, car batteries won’t last forever. Factors like weather, battery type, age and use can affect if your battery lasts a good amount of time, or a long time. The good news is there are ways you can reduce wear on your battery so you can get more km’s out of it.

Car battery maintenance

  1. Keep your battery charged
    Learn how to charge a car battery. You can use a special charger to keep your battery fully charged. Charged batteries keep the internal chemical balance in-check, reducing battery wear.
  2. Keep electrolyte levels topped up
    If you have a maintenance-free battery there’s no need to check fluid levels. Low-maintenance batteries need their levels checked regularly, regardless of the battery type.
  3. Refit battery heat shields
    Battery shields protect your battery from heat. Excessive heat leads to overheating and swelling. 
  4. Turn off all lights before you leave the car
  5. Clean battery terminals and remove any build-up from the outside.
  6. Inspect your battery for any leaks, bulging or cracks

If you’ve got any obvious wear, it’s time to get a new battery.

Why it’s important to check your battery

Car batteries can look good on the outside, but what’s going on inside can be a different story. Looking over your battery for any wear, or feeling a sluggish start can be a tell-tale sign you may need a new battery. The biggest killer of batteries in Queensland is heat. Heat speeds up the reaction between electrolytes and lead plates, frying your battery. This is why fluid levels are so important.

Learn how to maintain your car battery

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