Great rates and flexibility

With our eSave Account you’ll have the freedom to save and pay no account keeping fees. Once your balance reaches a certain amount, you’ll get access to some very competitive interest rates to help your money grow. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to access your funds 24/7.

Up to 1.70 % p.a

Why choose an CD eSave Account?

No account keeping fees

An account with a competitive interest rate and no monthly account keeping fee.

Grow your savings

As an online account with more limited access, your money will have a better chance to grow even further.

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals

You can put money in and take money out of your account as many times as you like without it affecting your interest rate.

Serious savings

As an CD member, you’ll have access to upwards of 1,200 discount partners locations to help you save some serious dollars.

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